Closer to the Contemporary Birth-Giving: Invitation for a Discussion 26.4.2016

Closer to the Contemporary Birth-Giving

INVITATION for an open dialogue about the way that our babies are coming into the modern world, during the international Cesarean Awareness Month.
Given the continuously growing speed of babies delivered via Cesarean section in Bulgaria, it is expected that the rate will go beyond 40% of all deliveries in 2016. The World Health Organisation has aproved that this rate should be kept between 15% and 19%.


On 26th April, Tuesday, at 15 o’clock in the Red Hall of the Red House the „Coalition for Maternity Care“ will gather together obstetricians, midwives, politicians, activists and mothers to analyse and find together the reasons for this trend which is not at all limited only within our country. We will go through its risks and possible outcomes, we’ll suggest and discuss possible solutions – many of them already successfully applied in other countries.


Coalition for Maternity Care was „born“ in January 2016 as an informal coalition of different non-profit-organisations and individual activists and journalists commited to causes in the field of maternity care. The following organisations are its members and they contribute to it with experience and knowledge thus working together to improve the maternity care in Bulgaria: “Parents for Parents” Foundation, Estestveno NGO, “Poppies for Mary” Foundation, Rodilnitza NGO, the Bulgarian Doula Association, the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee.


The discussion is a part of a longterm advocacy campaign of the Coalition and its purpose is to promote the best evidence-based practices in maternity care among the future and present mothers but also among the professionals in the field of maternity care. We believe that applying the modern standards in the care for the pregnant and delivering women, as well as the newborn babies, will bring many positive outcomes for everybody.


As a part of that longterm commitment towards establishing the practices in maternal care, we have prepared a “Travel Guide towards a Physiological Birth-Giving”. The book encompasses some important aspects of birth-giving which quite a few pregnant women succeed to discuss and consider calmly before the delivery begins. The Guide will be available to the participants in the discussion.


Main participants:

Ralitza Dimitrova – activist, Chairwoman of the Coalition for Maternity Care;

Miglena Delcheva – activist, General Manager of “Parents for Parents” Foundation;

Neli Moutafova – activist, Deputy-Chairwoman of Rodilnitza NGO;

Elena Krasteva – psychologist, Chairwoman of Estestveno NGO and of the Bulgarian Doula Association;

Dr. Boyana Petkova – pediatrician, General Chairwoman of “Poppies for Mary” Foundation


Free entrance, discussions in Bulgarian


The event is organized within the Project „Strategy for a Long-term Advocacy Campaign for Human and Civil Rights in Maternity Care”, performed by Association “Rodilnitza” in partnership with “Parents for Parents” Foundation. The project is funded by the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014,

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